H1Z1 launches on PlayStation 4 on August 6

Someone thinks this is neat!

Things are going to change in H1Z1 on August 6th. For one thing, the game is officially launching out of open beta on PlayStation 4, so that will be a noteworthy moment. The game is also removing skulls, by which we mean the currency rather than the skeletal component, replacing them with far less numerous credits (which we are promised will still have the same purchasing power) at a conversion rate of 50 skulls to one credit.

Players will also be leveling up the new Battle Pass, which has three different leveling tracks for free players, subscribers, and PlayStation Plus members. You can level each reward track you’re eligible for, so PlayStation Plus members who don’t subscribe to Daybreak’s All Access pass will still be able to level both the Free track and the PlayStation Plus track. Check out the full rundown to get all of your questions answered ahead of Monday’s launch.


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Mr Poolaty

Gamebreak ruined EverQuest Next… Just in case anyone forgot…


Daybreak took it out behind the barn, but it was essentially vaporware before they ever got their hands on it. It’s hard to ruin something that never really existed.

Danny Smith

So does the original idea of a sandbox survival game exist anymore? or did it pull a fortnite and drop it to become a memegame entirely?


IMO the most polished and playable BR game after Fortnite. It may have taken Daybreak a long time but they made this game work.