Overwatch is bringing back another round of Summer Games in August


The Summer Games are back in Overwatch starting next week on August 9th and running through the 30th, according to a teaser tweet Blizzard shot out last night. It looks like Lucioball is returning too, given that the teaser is… literally just Lucio kicking a ball. Right on the nose with the teasers, eh Blizz? It’s a good bet that the event will bring a host of new skins for all the toons as it did the previous two years; Reddit is excited over the new Busan arena map rumored to be coming with the event too.

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of the Overwatch League’s big showdown, Blizzard announced this week that it’s signed on two new teams: an Atlanta, Georgia, team operated by Cox Enterprises and a Guangzhou, China, team backed by Nenking Group (which also owns a major Chinese basketball team).

Source: Twitter, press release

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