PUBG tests weather and pings in update 19, plots Mission Impossible crossover


Dynamic weather matters to you in MMOs, especially sandboxes. But what about in battle royales? When you’re hiding in your bathtub or running for your life, do you really care whether the sun is shining or little droplets of water are falling from the sky? Hope so, because it’s part of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ update 19, currently in testing. So is bullet penetration, zone reworks, and map ping markers.

That last is actually the subject of some serious uproar on Reddit from players who believe that being able to mark enemy sightings dumbs the game down and makes it easier for scrubs who don’t know anything about coordination, community, and the maps they’re playing on. PUBG Corp is apparently still working on resolving that.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile is getting a crossover with Mission Impossible that may strike BR gamers as akin to Fortnite’s Avenger’s mashup.

Source: Steam

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Kawaii Five-O

As a pretty casual player myself who isn’t particularly good at the game that gets hard carried by a friend, I have mixed feelings about pings.

On the one hand, even for teams with good communication, there is no denying that pinging makes spotting enemies for teammates substantially easier.

I think my friend and I have decent communication. However, even while knowing the cardinal coordinates along with “behind big rock, 60 yards out, left of trees,” it can still be hard to figure out exactly which rock if the target isn’t peaking when I’m looking and manage to spot the pixels when they do–especially while under fire. This completely removes that tension.

Of course, it goes both ways, because your enemies have the same ability. However, that actually makes it far more punishing for “scrubs,” especially if they have bad habits that a LOT of people do frequently and often get away with currently–like peeking from the same spot. It also makes players with high mechanical skill and swift reflexes that much deadlier.

Once the feature goes live, in squads, if one person spots you peeking, you have to relocate. Otherwise, the next time you peak, you’re going to immediately take fire from four people who have their sights trained on your head, because they all instantly know exactly where you are.

I was initially really excited about the feature. “Finally!” I thought. “No more frantically looking up at my compass and then back down for the exact rock that a small cluster of pixels might pop out from.” However, after discussing it with my friend and reading a lot of the arguments on reddit both for and against it, I’ve become more indifferent to it, and possibly a little apprehensive over how much it will potentially affect my own survivability.

One thing I am fully against, however, is dead teammates being able to ping targets. In its current form on the test server, dead players can spectate their teammates and ping targets for them (or so I’ve read). That absolutely should not be a thing if true. You can’t even do that in Siege, except from fixed cameras (assuming they haven’t been broken).

Furthermore, PUBG is meant to be a fairly minimalist survival type game on a larger scale with less clutter, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t give you the precise and convenient tools of a game like R6 Siege. So, I can totally understand the side opposing the feature.

I think it’s rather ignorant and little arrogant to characterize the opposition to the addition of pings as being gatekeepers that just want to keep newbies and less skilled players down even if it’s coming from the game’s NA community rep.

There are some very well-constructed, civil, and intelligent posts on reddit arguing against the feature. Of course, you have to sift through a ton of knee jerk reactions and bandwagoning to find them–but that’s true for just about any controversial change for any game.

I mean, just look at the current uproar over WoW’s story.