Skyforge is about to kick off its big summer event

Let's run. In the summer. This is a good plan.
When you think about summer fun, does your mind turn to racetracks? No, probably not; unless they’re neck-deep in water, most people would prefer to move as little as possible in the summer. But Skyforge has its upcoming summer event focused all around a secretly constructed race track, and all of the various deities of the world will be able to race along it for the delight of the masses.

That’s the summer event this year. If you were hoping for some form of swimsuit competition, you will be slightly disappointed.

There are no details yet about the rewards of the event or what sort of races players will engage in, but there is lore about the track constructed for the festival of Warm Breeze and the Sunny Coins that are still being minted even as they are supposed to be gone now. Check out the full rundown for more lore hints, or just keep your eyes peeled for more details in the near future.