The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite bragging rights reward in an MMO?


The title I display most often in Final Fantasy XIV is “Sidestepper.” It’s not a flashy title, but it’s a bragging rights reward because you can’t get it any more. It’s only available for people who were playing during the original version of the game. The same is true of the various bits of armor I have to glamour for anything that aren’t accessible unless you have the “dated” items. They don’t boost my characters at all; they just are a neat little reward from back in the day.

Bragging rights rewards are something that I’m generally in favor of; instead of creating issues of rewarding the best players with the best gear and creating a vicious cycle, clearing challenges in World of Warcraft awards you appearances that can be obtained no other way. Getting Legacy achievements in Star Wars: The Old Republic can give you emotes that don’t make your life easier, but sure do look neat. So what’s your favorite bragging rights reward in an MMO? Something that doesn’t make you any stronger, but shows off an accomplishment?

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Yuge McBigly

Since they were impossible to get unless you bought the original CE, and were the only eye wear in the entire game. I go with my sunglasses in SWG.

2nd place would be my mini-diablo and zergling…and the other one…mini pets from the OG WoW CE.

P2W bragging rights?

Matt Redding

Back in TSW classic, I had the Pioneer of the Dragon title from playing the pre-launch minigame and then picking that faction when I rolled my character.

When I played RIFT, one Christmas holiday season they added a temporary variation to one PVP battle arena where someone got cursed (powered up actually) to be a stocking cap wearing werewolf; the form could be stolen if someone killed you. But, if you got enough kills, you got a title and miniature: Santa Claws.

I played PVP all the time in Rift but I played it mostly in support mode for the team to win and me to get PVP currency, I never took in the real heavy hitting builds. But just that time they had recently put in a new soul (character class) and it was “just launched OP” and I just happened to have stumbled into a completely overpowered almost unkillable build and yes, got Santa Claws on my mage HEALER.

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Guild Wars 1 and 2 Hall of Monuments. In theory, you can still play GW1 and achieve different titles and earn points for the HoM but it’s very unlikely that a lot of people do this. So displaying a “God walking amongst mere mortals” is nice.


Its always fun to have anything that was only available for a limited time, no matter if its gear or a mount or titles etc. I was quite salty that I had almost the entire Wildheart set for druids in WoW, and then just before it was removed from the game I got hacked and the goldseller sold the whole set except for a spare set of boots.


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The Redwood Roadster in Archeage. As a guildless, f2p player, I put more time and effort into obtaining that than anything in any game I’ve played in the past 20 years.

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For me there are 2 I can immediately remember:
-AO: getting my Yalm
-WoW: getting the epic Paladin charger mount through the quest, they later added an achievement for that I think


My favorite title is The Insane title from Marvel Heroes which is 616 kills of 17 different bosses, some of which had low spawn rates. I was so close to this one but the game shut down.


Oh yes. There have been many bragging rights rewards over the years. Titles, hair doos, gear of all types etc. Just about anything can be one as long as they are rare and most players know what they mean. Heh. You can deny the Epeen if you want but it is real.

Take the following mount from SWTOR, the Tirsa Elite, for example. The design and crappy paint make it look like a garbage hauler. And now, they are a dime for as many as you want in the marketplace. BUT it was not always so.

Back in the early days, a month or two after launch, the Tirsa Elite was the thing to show your epeen. Lol. Oh yeah, and it was a serious deal. You see, in those days, the only way to get this mount was by defeating Soa, the final boss, in Eternity Vault, SWTOR’s first raid.

And back then, that was the ultimate cheevo. And it was no easy task given the gear and armor possible even if you were hardcore Raider. And the Tirsa was bind on pick up for good measure.

When I finally got mine in those innocent days before group finder, I freaking rode that damn thing everywhere even if there was no space for it. Lol.

Man, I had fun in SWTOR back then! But I digress…

Mr Poolaty

The shitty thing is I had fully paid for my Ps3 copy of Final Fantasy 14 but was not allowed to play it because squeenix decided not to release the game so I never got the chance to play 1.0 although I had paid for it…

Castagere Shaikura

Bragging rights and achievements are not why i play mmo’s. I really never cared about this stuff because i played mmo’s long before this stuff became a thing. Achievements came over to mmo’s from console games which i never played. I remember way back in Anarchy Online when you got a Yalm it was a big deal because you had to grind those points into Air travel and it cost alot. It would draw a crowd when you saw one. They cost alot of credits.


Was desperately seeking for a screenie of my yalm, must have deleted it, sniff.

But I found a pic of my temple enfo with a Panther and Guardian Tank Armor. What a pain to get and to equip, but once you got it, that was something to be proud of.