Check out the winningest EVE Online propaganda from CCP’s latest contest

Against the backdrop of yet another massive, hyped-up in-game gang war, EVE Online’s propaganda machine is constantly churning, sowing chaos not just for players but for developers and journalists trying to cover the drama. And while most of it is obnoxious trolling, the propaganda art that emerges is often spectacular. (Maybe it’s just me, though – I have a penchant for propaganda art history. At a London guild meetup years ago, I dragged everyone to a propaganda exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. My guildies are the best.)

Anyway, if you don’t want to crawl Reddit or Google looking for examples, take a peek at CCP Games’ recent propaganda contest, which announced and posted up all the winners this weekend. My pick would’ve been the second-place finisher, personally, but they all hold a sort of bizarre fascination. CCP’s top picks, however, will see their posters sold at EVE Vegas, and all the finishers get huge stacks of EVE cash. Check ’em all out below, and congrats to the winners! (I’d love to see a “losers” thread too but couldn’t find it!)

The winning art, from left to right:
1st place (tie): PANDEMIC HORDE PARTISANS by Qymm Phyton (Pandemic Horde)
1st place (tie): YOU CAN DEFEND LEGACY by Namahanna (Test Alliance Please Ignore)
2nd place: CAN I BRING MY DRAKE? by Rixx Javix (A Band Apart)
3rd place: STAY ALIGNED, STAY ALIVE by NorBdelta Aivoras (Curatores Veritatis Alliance)


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Schlag Sweetleaf


Bee can do it !.png

Hopefully not too wingnuttiest that they have to be slapped down by Apple and YouTube…

“I think that’s winningest, Uta!”

…oh! o.O