Chronicles of Elyria on character family influences and playable instruments


The latest production update from Chronicles of Elyria is going to make those of you who are super into detailed and meaningful character creation perk right on up. Elyria is a bit unusual in that characters can be linked to other characters through biological families, and those families influence where you’re “born” as well as what characteristics, appearances, and even religions you “grow up” with.

“Even if [you’re] wearing a disguise, the Child Contract records who you really are because your true genetics are used (your physical body is involved in baby-making). While the child created with the contract would only be aware of the identities their parents were using when they made the contract, their genetics will be based off of the True Identity. If you want to create secret children, you totally can, but they’ll still resemble you and not your disguise.”

There’s more to the dev blog, including a chunk on interaction with the world (like using tools to craft the elements of survival). That might someday include playable instruments too, though Soulbound says they “may not be playable at launch.”

Over the weekend, we covered Elyria’s next big thing: a 40-day event in which non-backers spread the plague and try to collect materials from backers to cure them (and reduce the impact of the plague on the game’s future world).

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Dro Gul

Everyone should really go log into their Discord and see the Searing Plague event in action. It will not cure you of the plague but will quickly cure your interest in this game.

Davide Moriello

I will loose interest in this game if I go in discord?

Robert Mann

I guess if whatever annoys Dro Gul so much there annoys you as much, maybe. I don’t know what upset them so… there seems to mostly be cooperation going on with most of the people there, although the theorycrafting can be a bit much.