The 22-year-old Meridian 59 heads to Steam


One of the MMORPG genre’s longest-running titles is finally making the jump to Steam in the hopes of picking up a new generation of players.

Meridian 59 announced that it will be launching on Steam this August 28th for anyone who would like to play the game but, for whatever reason, cannot fathom of thinking of downloading a game outside of that platform. The owners note that players will need to make an account through the website before logging into the MMO.

Meridian was released in 1996, when few people had heard of the internet,” the description states. “It became well-known for its exciting player-vs-player (PvP) combat system, often setting alliances of guilds against each other. It has been running almost continuously ever since. In 2010 it returned to its original creators, and now it’s open source and free to play. Come and see the game that started it all!”

Source: Steam
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