World of Warcraft sparks world tree memes, tours Tiragarde Sound


With a week to go until Battle for Azeroth releases, players are running out of time to bone up on all of the features and zones coming with World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion. So consider this your homework for today, to read up on the naval-themed zone of Tiragarde Sound.

Doesn’t sound like Alliance characters are going to have it easy here: “Any hopes for a warm reception in Tiragarde Sound will be quickly dashed upon your arrival. Wounds run deep between the Alliance and the Kul Tirans, inflicted by the tragic events that led to the death of Daelin Proudmoore. Your mission of diplomacy will begin on rough political seas, and the journey to redemption will be a long one.”

Meanwhile, the recent travesty of Teldrassil’s burning has done more than rile up players to protest Sylvanas’ action — it’s created a whole new wave of memes to keep us entertained. One good one? The confirmation of a new Horde ally race, the salt elemental (because players are… you know… salty right now? You get it.).


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Some people aka Sylvanas just want to see the world burn. Live with it. ?


Just played through legion content now that it’s free and after all these years….I really think I’m done with Azeroth.

I’m a little bit sad; I played HARDCORE for 7+ years, we had 2 family accounts and with each xpac my interest in pushing through content to level those old alts is just that little bit less.

Vanilla, I think I ended up with 10+ at level cap. Loved that flippin’ game.
TBC I think I probably got 7 to to the cap.
WotLK 5 maybe?
Cata: 4…and that was where my active involvement just sort of ended. It just got so silly easy and formulaic.
Panda: 3 late player, when WoD came out I played Panda.
WoD: 3 …just my mains. And really wasn’t enjoying it at the end
Legion: zzz. 1. I probably don’t have the strength of will to get my other one there when it’s literally playing the EXACT SAME CONTENT again. Breadcrumb to hub; get 2-3 quests. Turn those in, get 2-3 more. Turn those in, get one to fight miniBad in area. Breadcrumb to next hub. “Treasures” are

guild hall resources (zzz) nearly nothing interesting at all. “Quality upgrade” on gear is MEANINGLESS (last night had a ilvl 160 blue on. Got 160 blue reward that dinged to purple…EXACTLY same stats. Woo.
After playing each for a while, my interest would drain away, but would ramp back up in the LONG TIME until the next expansion where I’d think “yeah, I’ll give ‘er another go”…but this time, after legion I just don’t feel that there’s an upswing coming.

It’s a bloody shame. The environments are beautiful. The settings are stunning. Models, textures, music – great. Even the toys are cool. So much work…and there’s so little game underpinning any of it. For the second toon this time (that I probably won’t get to cap) I tried wearing nearly all heirloom gear, and never resting in double xp zone…just so I could have a little more challenge because half my gear was stuck at ilvl100…nope, still faceroll simple. No threat of danger, I don’t think I died in all of legion except one time I missed my jump off a cliff into water.

That’s fucking boring.
Vanilla (such as it is, if it’s not just a lie) can’t come soon enough.


I agree with everything you said pretty much. I don’t understand why they made the game so easy over the years? They stripped out so much RPG factor too, in order to cater to mobile style gamers with short attention spans and that can only invest 1 hour a week into the game. They also killed their community with all those automated queue systems and cross realm phasing.

The problem is now, the game will never be like it was, because Blizzard has pretty much chased away most of the core MMO audience over the years. What they are left with are are MMO-lite players that pretty much just play the game to dress up their characters. It is kind of sad when the bulk of your player base only consumes your hardest, most difficult content to create, on LFR easy mode. I mean you even mention anything against LFR on the main forums and you will be showered with fire and fury like the world has never seen. Also, the bulk of the player base never really bothers with anything beyond LFD dungeons, which can be done naked and half a sleep. Don’t even get me started on the state of world content either and how faceroll easy it is.

I just don’t understand how people can be happy with a video game that lacks any form of challenge except maybe for 5% of the content? You throw on top of that pruning out most utility from classes, dumbing down stats and gearing, making professions pretty much obsolete what are you left with now? Just a boring and easy everything box that really doesn’t cater well to true MMO players.


I don’t get this post. Are you mad at blizzard or are you mad at the bulk of the gamers that play wow? Getting mad at lfr is silly, it literally has no effect on the ‘elite’ gamers such as yourself. Allowing your content to be accessed by all ability levels isn’t dumbing down or making the game suck.

Did you do mythic +15? Did you do any of the mythic raids? How many challenges appearances did you get and what was your ilvl when you got them? What’s your arena rating? Oh that’s right this kind of debate is usually paraded by people that don’t actually do the challenging content much less play the game.

I know I know I’m a WoW shill or whatever…

Lacks any kind of challenge? Nah, you just can’t do the faceroll part of the content and point to that saying the whole game is easy. There are plenty of challenging areas of the game.

I agree with you on all this ability pruning and slaughtering of professions. Some of these unnecessary changes seem like they’re half way done in an effort to make a push to console or something.

I ain’t mad at ya Joey. Just confused why you have such a large bone to pick with this game. Did it steal your gf?


I run +15s with my guild all the time and we got ahead of the curves for all the raids this expansion. We wanted to do Mythic raids, but we just couldn’t field the numbers on a regular basis since many nights we had to pug missing spots and you can’t cross realm raid for Mythic.

I also did arena 3s on a regular basis reaching around 1900 rating, which I know kind of sucks, but trying to find reliable arena partners is always tough. I never bothered with the mage tower content, because I could care less about transmog items, plus I have loads of transmog from playing the game since 2004, so I never really bothered.

I’m sure the mage tower content was tough and all, but again that is only like .05% of the hard content in the game? The rest of the game outside Mythic plus and Mythic raiding is bad. Older versions of the game had much tougher leveling content and
harder world content and I sorely miss that. I’ll admit, Mythic plus was a lot of fun but the time runs get kind of old and a lot of affixes just result in how fast can we AOE everything down.

So why do I have a large bone to pick? Because Blizzard murdered their game trying to cater to a set of players that hate MMOs. They have stripped so much over the years trying to make gearing easier with stat pruning, classes easier with ability pruning, professions gutted into obsolescence, making almost all the world content just a neutered faceroll, destroying server communities with CRZ and automated queuing systems. I could go on, but you get what I’m saying.

The game as it stands today is graphically beautiful and has a ton of polish, but the core game play outside a very small segment of content is horribly easy to complete. Also having the bulk of your content require little to no skill doesn’t lend itself to teaching new players how to handle more difficult content.

I’d say there is probably a huge chunk of new players these days that don’t even know harder content even exists and if they do try anything beyond queue content, it is like a punch in the face because they usually don’t have any idea how their class works or any mechanics that remotely provide a challenge.

I think systems like LFR and LFD create a lot of boredom and apathy for many players. It also segments the player base greatly. A lot of LFR defenders don’t understand that having guilds as the gatekeepers to raiding was really the social glue that held these raid focused MMOs together.

You ever wonder why so many people want to play Vanilla? They certainly don’t want to play that 14 year bug infested game for the story or the content. They miss the community and the fact that everyone of all skill levels played together and when someone sucked, people took the time to show them the ropes, because they had to, because their pool of potential players was small and being a dick to everyone would shrink that pool down fast.

I remember coaching new players all the time, getting them ready for raiding. Nowadays, gettting new recruits for our heroic team is a rare thing. Most players these days are content just to run LFR now and guild raiding is probably at an all time low.

I love WoW but I hate what Blizzard has done with the game has killed a lot of interest for me and many of my long time wow buddies. I guess I’m just not the target audience anymore and thats fine. My time in the game has gotten less and less this year and I will probably just wait for Classic to hit at this point.

Edit: I just wanted to add that dumbing down content and making the core game does in fact have a effect on all players. Just look at the master loot change, this is having a huge impact on Mythic guilds a long with gear swapping in Mtyhic plus, all changes made for the so called casual audience.

Also, I never said I was some kind of elite player, I honestly don’t care if people want to spend all their time in those inferior difficulties soloing away with a bunch of toxic strangers. I just was stating that the game probably would be better if Blizzard encouraged guild raiding again.


I can get behind a lot of these points here. Much more interesting post and perspective dude.

Dug From The Earth

Some great points. The only thing Im having trouble following though is this…

You ever wonder why so many people want to play Vanilla?

so many?

Compared to what? The total number of WoW players? Blizzard posted some rough numbers for the number of interested “vanilla server” players after they announced it becoming an official thing. The numbers were somewhere around 150k. We can be generous and double that. 300k. Hell, lets double that again 600k.

Near the end of WoD, WoW had dropped to an all time low, around 5 mil subs. Legion has certainly raised those number up significantly, but to be generous again, we will just say its still at 5 mil subs.

At 600k vanilla players interested, vs 5 mil subs… thats only 12% of the total player base.

12% is not “so many people” in comparison. 12% is the extreme minority as far as the big picture goes. Your comment about “so many people” seems to be inferring that a majority of the WoW players want vanilla. The actual numbers for this just dont say the same. 600k player would have been huge back in the days of EQ1, but these days its no different than the amount Blizzard loses when they nerf a couple classes in a patch.

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A useful bit of perspective, Dug, Thank you.

The problem with something like World of Warcraft, I suspect, is that it’s been around long enough — and been played enough by so many different people — that different groups of people want very different things from the same game now, going forward.

It really is impossible to say whether the game is “objectively” good or bad overall now, because there are too many past and present players, with too many strongly-held opinions on the nature of the game.

The best we can track are “trend groups” now — pockets of players who want feature X or development Y.

As such, whether WoW is good or bad is left up to the individual player to decide more than ever.

It’s good that players make their opinions heard, because trends help point out what the game is doing, or where it’s going, but trying to make some sort of global “The game is in state X now” assessment seems fairly impossible, because there are too many players, past and present, with too many personal notions of what makes WoW good, and what makes it bad.


Ben Stone

The game was never hard, just time consuming. If you struggled while playing in Vanilla its probably because you were new to the genre.

If anything they just increased player choice. They allowed non-raiders, and raiders of various ability to see all content. The challenging content is just as hard, if not harder, than it has ever been.

Dug From The Earth

Seems like the games focus went from “Get as many characters to level cap as you can” to being more focused on “what can you do with just a couple characters”

Im fine with that, i prefer to keep my focus more narrowed down when it comes to the number of characters. Still, its nice to know that if I wanted to, I could level some alts.

Ben Stone

Legion was a horrible expansion for alt characters for most of the expansion, only easing up towards the end.

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I must adnit, the video under the meme link made me smile. There’s something about a Tauren singing backup vocals for the late, great Marvin Gaye that just appeals to my sense of the goofy. :-)

The “Am Not” picture meme also made me chortle.

Randy Savage

The Battle for Memezeroth

Bruno Brito

The memes are the best of the xpac

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Little Bugbear

The new zones look really nice.