Worlds Adrift promises that the developers are working on fixing lag

Have a melon.

Lag is no longer just your excuse for trading players melons in Worlds Adrift. It’s a very real problem that the development team knows is hitting players square in the playtime, and it’s also taking a while to fix it up. The most recent development update explains that while the team is well aware it’s happening, there’s still work to be done to actually fix the issue; the attempt to track down the cause and repair it last week didn’t actually work out, so it’s still being investigated.

The game’s test server has also been delayed due to some issues with Alliance chat, with the remainder of the team hard at work to fix that issue and let people start testing new patches sooner rather than later. On the bright side, the next announcement from the team is promised to include some actual updates instead of just work on bug fixes because players want more content too. Dude.


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