Astroneer’s latest update has new resources and recipes in store for space explorers

Get new things.

Who doesn’t like new materials? The 0.9.2 update adds in new resources for Astroneer players to harvest, some of which are going to require you to do a fair bit of searching in order to find them. And of course it wouldn’t be helpful to have new resources without having new recipes to go along with those resources, so you get new stuff to make along with the new stuff you can harvest.

The patch also contains other improvements, like the removal of the largely redundant Medium Printer for streamlining crafting and the inclusion of craftable Thrusters. Check out the full patch notes for a clearer picture of everything that’s been changed and improved in the game as development hums along, and get ready to start searching the stars for resources. Which you can use to make other things to search more stars. It’s a vicious cycle, sort of.

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IronSalamander8 .

Cool stuff!

I got into the game very early in alpha on Steam and I always felt the core gameplay was solid but it needed more meat on the bones. They’ve been steadily improving the game and adding new content to make it a more interesting experience. I’ll have to jump in over the weekend to see what all is new.