Crowfall’s latest community Q&A covers skinning coins and equipment mitigation

How it all works.

Why does skinning something in Crowfall currently result in getting coins? That makes absolutely no sense. Well, according to the latest Q&A video, the developers are well aware that it makes no sense. It’s not supposed to make sense; it’s supposed to be a stopgap at the moment to give you something for skinning while the infrastructure for doing so gets set up. Yes, in the final version of the game you’ll have to do more work to convert things into coins, but for now? Get that core gameplay loop in.

The video also discusses other issues in the game, like how all of the damage mitigation is on chestpieces and thus players are equipping plate chestpieces to reduce damage and leather everywhere else. The developers had originally played with penalties on some pieces, but the work is still being done to figure out just how to arrange bonuses on equipment to make sure that you don’t always want “plate chest and leather everything else.” A bug in armor disciplines is also making things a bit more difficult; check out the full video below for more on this and on other player questions.