Final Fantasy XI adds in new battle types for all tiers of play

git gudder

There are two new battlefield types for players to challenge in Final Fantasy XI this month, starting with a challenge against the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel heroine Iroha. Players who have completed the story can take part in the more straightforward battle against her, while those looking for a greater challenge can enter the master trial version with a full party (you can enter alone, but alter egos cannot be summoned and you will probably get killed in short order).

Meanwhile, the new treasure trove content allows players to try their luck by opening treasure chests in hopes of getting a big payout; there are deadly mimics lurking there as well as the chance to lose everything, but success nets you a nice batch of rewards. Add in the updates to Ambuscade on its monthly rotation, and everyone should have lots to do with the game’s latest patch.

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Daniel Miller

Best article of the day. A maintenance mode game that puts to shame games with many more millions.