The Coming Storm, er, comes to Dauntless today


Monster slaying romp Dauntless is taking its beta to the next level with today’s release of The Coming Storm. This fiercely hyped content update expands most parts of the game and introduces the Ostian faction with its own storyline and quests.

With the behemoth Koshai running rampant over the isles, players will need the help of this new faction — as well as the power of explosive grenades, because grenades solve any “big monster” threat if applied liberally. Today’s 0.5.0 patch is only the beginning of the fun, too, as Dauntless will be rolling out more content to go with this patch cycle, including more exotic gear and the Ostian Repeater ranged weapon.

“The Coming Storm delivers on our vision for the living, breathing and constantly evolving experience of Dauntless,” said Phoenix Labs CEO Jesse Houston in a press release. “It’s our ultimate goal to give the millions of Slayers playing Dauntless massive and impactful world-changing events, quests and challenges to sink their battle-hardened weapons into on a regular basis, with new and exciting updates always on the horizon.”

Source: Dauntless

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Neat, though they pretty much killed all momentum they had at open beta launch back in late May. Releasing this content when MHW is coming out tomorrow doesn’t help them out either.


The coming storm for Dauntless is actually tomorrow, in the form of Monster Hunter World.


I’m pissed though that Capcom didn’t bother to give a pre-load for those of us who can’t download gigabytes by the seconds.