Guild Wars 2 has all the activities going on right now

Perhaps to distract MMO players from next week’s Battle for Tyria (or whatever) expansion, Guild Wars 2 is really cranking out all sorts of activities, events, and promotions this weekend.

For starters, there’s a Weekend Boss Blitz Bonanza that’s going to run from August 10 through the 13th. This challenges players to collectively take down 5,000 bosses and will reward participants if this goal is reached.

If that’s not of interest, perhaps you’d like to chase after the three new Design-a-Weapon items that are now available in the game. Or perhaps you’d like to splurge on some pre-Sixth Anniversary sales, including heavy discounts on Season 2 and 3 content packs.

Maybe you could engage in combat cartography? An astute player noted that some of the game’s landscape changed in a recent update:

Source: Guild Wars 2, #2, #3
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Pretty disappointed in the Design a Weapon winners, very bland or oversized and just look weird on my characters.


Well, they were never going to be for everybody. I’m just pleased they were earnable through some interesting gameplay and not just through the gem store.

Bryan Turner

No thank you I’m good, my wife’s playing WoW now so at least she’s playing something, which means I’m playing WoW now too. Besides all your boss blitz extravaganzas in the world won’t change the fact that Power Reaper is still a joke in GW2 PVE while my Blood Death Knight is the belle of the ball in WoW PVE.

Songs for Children

You’re not allowed to play a game that your wife’s not playing? That’s hilarious.

Bryan Turner

Some of us prefer spending time with our spouses, I suppose that’s the difference between a 20 year marriage and these fair weather marriages where people collect divorces like career changes.

Kickstarter Donor

Been playing and enjoying myself quite a bit lately, again. Old friend started dragging me towards not being totally awful at everything in the game, including discovering fractals and remembering there’s a proper LFG system in the game. Been having a blast in fractals (at least the T1 ones are super fun, I WAS A DAMN DOLPHIN THAT IS SO RAD) and finding bounty/event groups to have some fun mindlessly farming while playing my hybrid-y support/dps role I always wanted.

Guess I’ll be doing the event thing over the weekend, still haven’t gotten around to that yet. And those weapon skins look rad, got a drop for the collection thinking it was the actual weapon so ended up disappointed a bit, but damn I want to farm at least the sword/greatsword so bad, they look rad AF.

Now to figure out how to make some gold so I can eventually afford getting the hipogryph mount thingy.