Lord of the Rings Online hypes up dragons, 64-bit client, and Minas Morgul

Last week’s GenCon in Indy turned out to be a surprising source of information for fans of Standing Stone Games. First we found out that DDO is working on a Sharn expansion, and now we have received even more information on Lord of the Rings Online’s future projects.

The next big patch for the game is the Grey Mountains update, which MMO Central reports will be “more instance-heavy” than usual. The dev team also talked about making some cool dragons, Minas Morgul, and “eventually” the region of Harad.

“The other thing I like about Grey Mountains, it really talks about Dwarven lore,” said Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini, “so it’s a big area for Dwarves, you see bits and pieces of ancient sort of dwarf architecture there which is kind of interesting because he haven’t done as much of that since Mines of Moria.”

Other topics included female Dwarves (they might be coming — or might not!), progress on the 64-bit client (“We’re all eager to have a 64-bit client,” Ciccolini said), and a class balance pass on Beornings and Burglars following the Grey Mountains update. Also, a legendary item revamp is on the drawing board, although SSG said that is “harder” to do this without invalidating player effort put into LIs to date.

Source: MMO Central
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