Netmarble’s earning report shows more revenue from North American markets than Korea

Right round.

Netmarble has released its earnings report for the most recent quarter, which means that if you love looking through investment reports for various companies, you’re soon to be quite happy. Of particular note is the fact that Netmarble’s report shows overseas revenue broken down by region, and North America has now surpassed Korea in revenue. In short, this Korean company now makes more money from American players than Korean ones.

Or at least it did in the last quarter; it may not be a consistent trend. Netmarble’s biggest title at the moment is Lineage II Revolution, but it has already announced a focus on other titles for the next quarter, including Blade & Soul Revolution. We can only wait to see if this means the company will be a bit more focused on its American customer base moving forward.

Source: MMO Culture
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Ville Uusitalo

NCsoft behind Netmarble and Mobile games = puke

worst p2w trash there is.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m not completely surprised by the headline — North America is a much larger and more populous potential market than South Korea.

Kudos to Netmarble for breaking through to make North American gamers sufficiently aware of their games to want to try/buy/play them, but yeah, once one breaks through the recognition barrier, it’s simply a larger market in terms of potential territory and potential gamer population.