Perfect World Entertainment reveals Torchlight Frontiers, an MMOARPG for PC and console

Wait, what? But in a good way.

Last year, Perfect World Entertainment shut down Runic Games. Even before that, fans had been told that any sort of Torchlight MMO would be a long time coming. And yet the previous event was not the end of the story, because it turns out that a Torchlight sequel is happening. More than that, Torchlight Frontiers is promising something far closer to an MMO than anyone might have dared to dream, offering a dynamically generated and shared persistent world for players to take on with friends and pets.

Pets in-game, that is. You do not need to teach your cat how to loot.

Max Schaefer, former head of Runic Games and co-founder of Blizzard North, is heading the team for Torchlight Frontiers, so there’s reason for fans to believe that the game will in fact feel very much like… well, Torchlight. Even more so than the mobile version, perhaps. So if it seemed like any sort of MMO version of the title was never actually going to happen, it looks as if, well… it’s happening. It’s going to be here soon. And yes, it’s a wonderful surprise.


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Interesting. Hope it doesnt suck.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

It’s curious, that’s for sure. PWE must not have been that bad of an experience for Schaefer, else why would he go back to them? Gotta agree with Rock, Paper, Shotgun when they say:

Echtra are owned by Perfect World but it still must be super weird to work on a series after your parent company killed the studio you founded to make it.

“Shared world” sounds like a lobby game. Which is okay. Won’t know till we see it, probably. Signed up for the beta. Here’s hoping it’s worthwhile.


Its weird, but then Schafer also left Runic to make his own thing, and Runic went and did Hob instead of more torchlight. So I don’t blame PWE too much when it seems the Runic people not only didn’t want to work on TL at the time, but apparently couldn’t even work with each other.


Trailer didn’t really show that much, but just knowing that it is being made :O ……………………. *throws 1000 dollars* :D i need to have this game!

Jeff Norman

This looks promising, really excited about it if it really does happen. Loved TL and TL2.


Not even remotely interested until I see game play and the monetization.

James Crow

Finaly :)
just hope it would be B2P mmo and not F2P.

for me the only good H&S games from the last years are:
Diablo 3 (just the atmosphere and the gameplay)

before that
Diablo 1-2
my favorite: Revenant
DarkEden (before all the hack&Bots)


please mac and linux version. Please be buy to play. Bring the mobile version, too.


I like the idea, but you just know PWE is going to ruin it with the monetization. On the bright side the hype might get a better company to make a similar game.

David Blair

“Remember Runic Games! Remember Motiga!”

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I’m intrigued.

The original Torchlight always kind of impressed me for its ability to be both a straight-up Diablo clone from a certain perspective, and yet (somehow) bring its own flavor to the proceedings at the same time.

It’s too early to tell where this new game will land, of course, but I’ll be curious to hear more news as Massively has it.