RIFT datamining discovers a new companion system

Who wants to help me do something annoying?!
A brand-new feature has been datamined on RIFT’s test server, with players trying to figure out what this system entails.

It’s called Planar Disciples, perhaps some sort of companion system that is included on your character UI panel. Presumably players will be able to collect and level up a follower. Might be kind of cool to have a combat pal around for those tricky fights? Also coming to the game is a brawl mode for the Black Garden warfront, the return of the Tempest Rising world event, and a Pandora’s Box dimension.

One thing we do know for sure is that Trion Worlds is bringing back the Spoils of War event on the Prime progression server on August 16th.

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Sounds like bots to compensate for the lack of players to group with. Wonder how much they’ll charge for it.

Danny Smith

So numbers dropped so low they are adding in Trust npcs?

Kickstarter Donor

I amazed they are adding anything that isn’t for the prime server since they act like rolling out old content in pieces is somehow new. Planar Disciples will probably be the same thing many other games already have. At least it will be something new for the 12 people still playing on the regular servers.