The Overwatch Summer Games are back

Sports is the same.

You’ve been training for this moment all year long, and by “training” we mean “aggressively burping while sitting in your comfortable office chair.” You’re ready. You have the makings of a champion, so get out on the field and prove your mettle!

The Overwatch Summer Games have returned for another round, running from now through August 31st. In addition to the usual activities and rewards, there’s a new Busan Station Lúcioball map to enjoy this year and over 50 new items added to the game’s lootboxes.

Generally, it’s a good time to grab some limited-opportunity skins, especially if you like fighting in breezy summer attire.

Source: Overwatch
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So lazy. Especially since the Rio games were 2 years ago now.


They could, you know, just not have the summer event as there are no Olympics going on right now.

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Some nice skins I really like the Ana one.

Sadly the servers, at least on the EU side, are being a little wonky at the moment and I have had games unexpectedly disconnect since this went live. Hopefully that will get sorted sooner rather than later.