Trove has been down since the crack of dawn thanks to an economy-breaking dupe exploit

Bad stuff is happening in Trove. Or was happening. Right now, nothing’s happening at all because the servers came down early this morning, and the game probably won’t be back up for PC players until late this afternoon. It’s apparently because of a bug/exploit following Tuesday’s update that was wrecking the economy.

“Yes, we will be compensating players for this downtime,” Trion tweeted. “However, all focus is on getting the economy cleaned up, so the details will be worked out after it has been completed.”

Trion hasn’t definitively posted what exactly the bug was, but as MOP tipster Tanek pointed out, players have some pretty good guesses: It looks as if was some sort of extreme duping related issue that saw miscreants sharing the wealth via community chests, which brought the player market to a screeching halt as the value of everything went bonkers with bajillions of currency flooding the game world. Players were anticipating a rollback too, but perhaps the extended downtime will be enough to remove the ill-gotten currencies without disrupting honest players further.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Tanek!

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Well, Trove is still down 24 hours later, but it looks like it will be back up by morning if they stay on track.

Developer posted this a couple hours ago:

Update 6 – 6:30 PM PDT (1:30 AM UTC) – Hey again, everyone. We’re not announcing an ETA for coming back online yet but we’ve made huge progress and are working on several things at the moment. The hope is to be able to come back online tonight, but we’ll know more in the coming hours. – Fasti
Yep, today has been rough, yes, there absolutely will be compensation. Yes, we’d love to see you at the livestream tomorrow as well. There will be way more giveaways than one might imagine, even with Twitch Drops in place.

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Cheaters in a Trion’s game. Not new.
You cant rely on them as they dont care about these things till it has happened or they are not capable of preventing them.

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Situation normal the few screw it up for the many. Something something nice things something can’t have something. Sigh

Though I am somewhat happy that bans have been handed out as per Nabe’s post below. Hope it might make folks think twice in the future, though cynical me thinks it probably won’t . Double sigh


They’ve already said no rollback, the reason why it’ll take so long to get the servers back up is because they are manually sorting it out …

PC: OFFLINE – Consoles: ONLINE – Game Downtime – 10:05 PM PDT / 5:05 AM UTC
Update 2: Trove on Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 is now back online. There will still be the regularly scheduled downtime later in the morning, which will deploy a separate fix.

For our PC players, the game will not be up for some time: we anticipate tomorrow afternoon, Pacific time. The issue had enough impact on the economy that we want to correct it, and the clean up process for it is a manual one. The good news is that this process will prevent the need for any rollbacks. Instead, we have banned the perpetrators behind the manipulation of the economy through exploitation, and will be removing items from players who received them unwittingly.

We will return with another update in the morning with a more solidified time for bringing the PC servers back online. Thank you, again, for your patience as we take the steps to preserve the integrity of Trove’s economy, a time-consuming but worthy cause.

PS: Yes, we will be working out how to compensate players for this extended and unexpected downtime. However, all focus is on getting the economy cleaned up, so the details will be worked out after it has been completed. Rest assured that Fasti will inform you of the specifics as as soon as he is able!