Final Fantasy XIV starts its anniversary fiction

This really was the only way this story was going to end, I think.
The in-game events will arrive later, but at this point it’s as much of an event for Final Fantasy XIV to feature written fiction as it is to have a standard anniversary celebrations. Every year we get new fiction about the characters and stories we’ve been exploring for the past year, and it starts today with the first anniversary piece, “In Darkness Blooms the Lily.”

That title alone probably makes it clear what the story is about for anyone who’s completed the most recent portion of the MSQ, but let’s dispel any ambiguity: this is covering Doman viceroy and generally complex figure Yotsuyu. It’s not a happy story, in other words, but if you were curious about the course of events that led to this woman getting elevated to the position where players first meet her… well, here’s a peek into her past, a portion not explored otherwise.


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