League of Legends Lead Designer Ghostcrawler moves to an unnamed project

Let’s play connect-the-dots today and see if we can see a picture forming over at Riot Games, shall we? Back in July, its co-founder dropped a befuddling tease about the studio creating an MMO, which was then somewhat refuted a week later. Then the studio continued to talk way too much about MMOs to anyone who would listen.

Now there’s a new dot in the shape of Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, who announced that he’s leaving the League of Legends team to work on one or more projects in development. One of these couldn’t possibly be an MMO that need the help of a former World of Warcraft dev… could it?

“My new position at Riot is head of creative development,” Street said. “We’ve been up front that we want to put the ‘s’ in Riot Games, and I am helping with that effort. In addition, we have been taking Runeterra as a world more seriously, as you’ve probably realized with the release of the Ryze CG and the world map.”

League of Legends’ new lead is Andrei Van Roon, by the way.

Riot needs all the distractions it can get these days after being the subject of a scathing exposé that investigated its “culture of sexism” among staff.

Source: League of Legends via Reddit. Thanks, Sorenthaz!

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We’ve been up front that we want to put the ‘s’ in Riot Games

Please don’t be another shitty battle royale.

Brother Maynard

Well, it would follow the steps Blizzard took when it transformed War3 into WoW. In this case, they also have a huge fanbase already built that they can work with further.

However, I’m not sure Street is the man they want at the helm. Especially not leading the creative side of the project, as in his WoW days the only creativity he showed was in spinning anything coming from the playerbase to suit whatever message he was trying to push.

Apart from that, he was one of the main forces behind WoW’s drive towards a bland, unimaginative, homogenised and unappetising game. His simplistic ‘bring the player, not the class’ mantra is well remembered and is not exactly something associated with creativity (to put it mildly)…


I don’t know during which time he was making decisions for WoW, but WoW has been bland since WoTLK’s end. The direction WoW shoild have taken was to work towards keeping the Vanilla experience and improving it without it remaining a chore. For example money in the game became obsolete. What in Vanilla was worth 638G and was considered super expensive, now a 20lvl character on a brand new account can afford it. Same with stats and damage – having 6k HP was once good, now having 628k HP is probably not good enough. Aside from the conveniences compared to Vanilla, WoW has become a horrible easy mode experience where you blaze through everything with semi-action combat with archaic tab targeting, with your giant pauldrons and big numbers… The game has become a joke, and the story has become the sams overrated peepshow cheap drama thriving on easy shock from twists that simpletons watch in awe.

The game has become a joke since 2010. So I don’t know when did this guy worked on WoW, but if it was pre-CATA, then I don’t see how the game was bland. Vanilla was and adventure, even in WoTLK, the game was streamlined into a tight themepark where you have no freedom what to do.

A new MMORPG, in order to succeed, needs tl be like Vanilla WoW, with true action combat, avoid the mkstakes and pitfalls of Vanilla and make it both challenging, but not so hard:

– no flying mouts
– rare flight paths
– mounts are hard to get and feel like an achievement, cooler mounts are even harder to get, manual traveling is almost mandatory save for 30min Hearthstone CD
– barber shop included from the get-go
– gold is scarce and having piles of gold in unheard of
– numbers are small – character at 1lvl stars with 11HP and at 60lvl has about 800HP tops so numbers stay small and simple
– armors look simple and not idiotic like in WoW aftee TBX, shoulderpads are small and subtle
– there is outfit mechanic like in ESO where you can create a custom outfit that’s purely cosmetic and what gear you wear is invisible and doesn’t affect the outfit
– full voice acting
– scripted events in real time, like curscenes in real time
– choices you can make and a good/evil system based on choices, like Mass Effect/SWKOTOR
– less focus on graphics and more on gameplay
– freedom to completely avoid either PvE or PvP and still feel like making meaningful progress

Brother Maynard

I don’t know during which time he was making decisions for WoW, but WoW has been bland since WoTLK’s end.

I had a quick look around the WoW forum and found this post.

I think this is the “Order of lead game designer.”

Jeff Kaplan – Vanilla
Rob Pardo – Burning Crusade
Jeff kaplan – Wrath of the Lich king.
Ghostcrawler – Cataclysm
Ghostcrawler- MoP
Watcher – WoD

Not sure how accurate it is – but it seems to be more or less how I remember it too, GC becoming the lead systems designer towards the end of Wotlk, I think. Or at least becoming much more prominent in directing the overall game experience.

And then starting to push the hardcore homogenisation of the game. All uniqueness and diversity were gone soon after. Thus, his nomination to lead the creative team on the new project strikes me as a very bizarre decision…


Then it’s not good. Jeff Kaplan seems to be the one who I mostly agree with. The Vanilla experience was the most fun to me, except after level 40+, where it gets too grindy for my taste. I could fire up a Vanilla server right away and have fun for weeks, Retail, I can’t stand even for an hour.

Rodolfo Rosini

Ghostcrawler was Lead System Designer and not creative director nor lead game designer


It would be pretty cool if they made a diablo/isometric mmo out of LoL.


If you can’t rotate the camera to see the sky, count me out. Originally I only supported WASD movement, but now even games like Runescape start to look appealing as long as I can tilt the camera to see the sky.


About time they start trying to actually expand the IP. It makes sense to have other games under the same universe and such since the game LoL is largely disconnected from the actual stuff going on in that world.

Jake Boller

They are so obviously making a LoL MMO