Elder Scrolls Online’s Wolfhunter DLC is live today with new dungeons and PvP love

As promised, The Elder Scrolls Online’s next DLC, Wolfhunter, has officially launched today! The patch is for everyone, while the DLC comes with a fee, unless you’re subbed, in which case you can jump right in.

Massively OP’s Tamriel Infinium columnist Larry Everett checked out the DLC ahead of the launch alongside three key developers and found it to be primarily aimed at group dungeon enthusiasts, not so much fans of the game’s storytelling. And that only makes sense, as the pair of werewolf-themed dungeons are at the heart of the content.

But there’s a bit more in the overall update independent of the DLC; all players can look forward two new gear, new outfits, and a ton of updates for battleground PvPers, including some quality-of-life love for Cyrodiil. The werewolf skill line got some buffs too!

Get caught up on all our coverage of the DLC, then check out the trailer!

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Bryan Turner

I respect the set of balls Zenimax has releasing a Dungeon DLC against a WoW Expansion, despite the fact I love ESO it’s like choosing between a half assed Guns and Roses reunion vs Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd teaming back up for a tour.


I don’t know about ESO = GNR, but WoW is definitely no Zep/Floyd tour. Though they are all pretty long in the tooth.

Not a single thing about WoW can be compared to Wish You Were Here, for example.


Great game, great developers, and great community management team. A model of how to continually pump out content and stay relevant.