Project Gorgon’s casino features games with ‘strategic elements’


Project Gorgon is an MMO that packs itself full of activities, all of which it does in its own special way. You can clearly see this in the way that the devs talk about the game’s upcoming Red Wing Casino, which will add even more ways to waste invest your time playing.

Instead of being a standard video game casino with a slot machine and blackjack, Project Gorgon’s casino is going to feature minigames with more strategy. One example that the devs teased on Twitter was a jewel matching minigame.

“I want every game in the Red Wing Casino to have at least some strategic element,” the lead developer said. “So there’s no slot machines. To clarify, the casino is not just a match-3 game. The Red Wing Casino is a place that you’ll be able to visit in-game. It’s geared toward players with skills in the 40s (both combat and crafting skills), although anyone can visit and spend some cash.”

Source: Twitter
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I love Match 3 games. This is great news. I especially love minigames that require real strategy in MMOs.


I remember similar feature in Age of Wushu, except it was cryptic, due to horrible translation and also no explanation. There they required you to play a game of Weiqi/Go/Baduk or a game of Chinese Chess, not sure anymore and they expect you to learn the rules of the game on the go and you are presented with a problem in the game that you have to solve, really un-intuitive IMO.

This one looks much simpler. Sometimes I wonder if I should buy this game, but last time I played for free, the optimization was poor and the playable characters always stand in some weird pose. Maybe if they add more mini games like this, improve characters and do some discount, I may get it, but paying $30 to play with 200 people, nah, thanks.