Warframe’s latest contest will put the winners’ adorable pup and kitteh inside the game

This is why we can have nice things: Digital Extremes is currently running a super adorable contest for Warframe players, and it involves the players’ own pets.

“Would you like to see your favorite fluffball in Warframe? Introducing the Tenno’s Best Friend Contest! Share a picture of your cat or dog that incorporates Warframe, and we’ll bring one pretty kitty and one good boy to life in-game with a Kavat and Kubrow Skin inspired by your pet! These Skins will be available for sale in the Market. so everyone can use your immortalized best friend!”

All you’ve got to do is share your very good boy or girl on social media or in the official thread (and follow all the rules!). Six players will be walking away with varying stacks of platinum, but only the top two – one for a doggie and one for a kitty – will see their critters immortalized inside the game.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Sophiskiai!
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Cute pet photos are always great, but if I had a pet I’d be slightly conflicted about entering them in this competition – I’m not sure I’d want to see them in the game being beaten up by Grineer!

Bryan Correll

I asked my dog if she wanted to participate in a Warframe contest. She just rolled her eyes at me and went back to sleep.

Zen Dadaist

Waiting for the inevitable cat on a synthesizer in space, Corpus Obelisks or Grineer Galleons mandatory.

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