Blade & Soul patches in the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon, new cosmetics, and PvP matchmaking tweak

Live this week in Blade & Soul is… swimsuits. But seriously, what’s the obsession with bathing suits in MMORPGs? We cannot fight in bikinis and board shorts folks. I don’t get the obsession, but regardless, new summer cosmetics are indeed available thanks to today’s patch, which brings with it the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon, returning for another season and keepin’ it cool.

“Complete the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon to obtain the Frozen Fun Bag, which contains 3 guaranteed Ice Pellet event token as well as a chance at additional rewards,” NCsoft says. “You also receive 5 Ice Pellet for completing Daily Challenge as well as 1 Ice Pellet each for completing the [five available] dungeon quests.”

The patch hits today, with the events beginning August 15th and running into September; it’s also got a handful of minor bug fixes and a PvP tweak: “PvP Ratings have been adjusted for better distribution which should result in better matchmaking overall.” Have fun!

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Well, boys and girls, “what we have here is a failure to communicate.” Now, now, don’t get me wrong the PR work is as advertised an event dungeon rewarding players with “funbags” (insert smart comment here) which can be redeemed for revealing bikinis and cool b-suits. Lol!

The failure here is in that this patch is nothing but filler. Filler, filler, filler! It happens, especially as we head into the fall where we are expecting another huge xpack type drop and a new class. BUT, I wish they would just be honest about this patch and tell the players to hang on.

Hype around a shooting range dungeon where everybody gets the same weapon and is level set so that no skill is necessary is just “fake news”.

Oh well, it has been a good run this year, in terms of improvements. Hopefully, BnS will finish strong because looking at the numbers it needs a bump in Q4.


BUT, the Urban Legend outfit makes up for some of it. It truly does. Especially when you see it in flight.

New Wings 4.gif