Riot and Tencent appear to be on unpleasant terms with one another

Your game still has loads of cultural issues, though, let's just lay that on the line.

Some fans are still probably a bit miffed that Riot Games (maker of League of Legends and that’s all) teased them about the possibility of an MMO. But it seems like the studio’s parent company is pretty miffed at Riot in general. Gamasutra cites a report from several anonymous sources (which is unfortunately behind a paywall) that China’s Tencent (owner of Riot) and Riot are not on cordial terms due to differing opinions about mobile titles and the reported decline of LoL‘s playerbase.

The short version is that Tencent wants more mobile titles (which Riot does not wish to develop) and has shopped out something just short of a clone to other studios, while Riot is dealing with dropping numbers as other games move into the spotlight. An official statement from Riot disputes this report, stating that the company is happy with LoL at its current numbers and it remains a vibrant community, and relations with the studio’s parent company remain positive and supportive.

It’s also worth remembering that the studio does appear to be working on something new. Equally relevant are the issues surrounding any new games in China, with Monster Hunter World running into trouble and Korean developers unable to publish there.

Source: Gamasutra
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Schlag Sweetleaf


my 2 cents....gif

80% accurate, but I think the Chinese told them to focus on general bullshit mostly.

Liked anyways.


Tencent’s owned Riot for around 7 years. LoL has been out for around 8.

Riot still has yet to make a second game, let alone announce a specific one in the works. The ‘Mechs and Minions’ physical board game doesn’t count.


I’m expecting a riot.


Considering Riot’s basically been sitting on League of Legends and only League of Legends over the last ~7 years since Tencent bought them out, and LoL is starting to see its decline, plus Riot hasn’t bothered doing anything with mobile… yeah I can see why Tencent would be a bit miffed. Riot’s so far been a one hit wonder while other studios (far smaller than Riot, at that) have been pulling out multiple games (i.e. HiRez which is also partnered with Tencent in China, iirc Paladins Strike was getting a lot of push for Chinese markets) in time timespan Riot’s only been running LoL.

Riot seems like one of those companies that made it huge and hasn’t really known how to expand from that point because they’re expected to make another big hit like LoL.

Nate Woodard

The problem with Riot is that they haven’t done anything since LoL. Who knows if their next game would be a hit?! Because they don’t have one.

Sally Bowls

I now think this is on ten cent. The solution seems simple: Replace some riot execs

Tencent’s ‘Honor Of Kings’ Will Cannibalize International Sales Of ‘League Of Legends

Article is nearly a year old. A mobile lol clone was generating 200m MAUs. If the riot execs are resisting mobile in 2018. especially after honor of kings, why would you continue to employ said execs???? Tywin Lannister is correct that your precedesors head on a pike is a not so subtle signal

If the something new riot is working on is mmo like, then clearly it will be nowhere near the size of HoK, LoL, or Fortnite

Ncsoft went from 0 to 50% mobile programmers in a year. I have to think replacing the ceo would accelerate the process for riot