MMO Skyforge is getting a battle royale mode, but it won’t utilize your MMO character

So this is happening. Skyforge is getting a battle royale mode of its very own, following in the footsteps of other MMOs that have adopted the mode into their virtual worlds. The catch is that it looks like you’ll be playing one of a dozen premade toons, not your actual Skyforge character. In fact, you can jump in even if you don’t really play the MMO at all, and it’s boasting a “skill-based action game feel” that’s still “familiar for MMO players” but with less focus on auto-aim.

Skyforge will soon launch an all-new free ‘Battle Royale’ mode providing its own massive multiplayer twist on the popular format. Skyforge takes its unique mix of sci-fi and fantasy setting to a vicious virtual reality arena, parting with the game’s normal concept of players being immortal. Out of all the participants that start the match, only one can stand victorious in this divine test and win the ultimate favor of the gods. Skyforge: Battle Royale can be launched from the start screen and requires no progress on any character in the MMO; players can dive into a brutal free-for-all right from the start!”

Launch is anticipated for August 28th on PC, with consoles trickling out later that same week. To tide you over until then, is running a series of summer events too.


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Hikari Kenzaki

What could possibly go wrong?

Honestly, things like this probably require few resources to develop, reuse a ton of pre-existing assets and can potentially generate a lot of short term revenue that outpaces the initial cost.

If it sticks, then the company in question gets to make a ton of money. If not, then they milked a bit of extra money out of their userbase and all the players/streamers that jump from game to game to talk about how it’s not Fortnite/PUBG.

It’s a win/winmore for them.

Kickstarter Donor

Adding game modes to MMO’s: Good.
Tacking them om with no real connection to the game and really just utilising the game assets: Bad.

Goes for any game, like how HiRez made a separate game instead of having a BR mode in paladins.

Ben Stone

The problem was that it was part of Paladins, and then they took it out to make a standalone game. Honestly it felt fine being within Paladins, I think that was a mistake.

Love Art Machine

*face palm*


When is Massively adding a Battle Royale mode to the comment section?