Champions Online challenges you to a race

Looking for some superheroic fun to occupy your time this weekend? Champions Online has brought back its Circus Malvanum event with its vehicle theme. There’s even a new reward this time around, as players can earn a set of lion shoulders to show off their… pride? Sorry. It’s hard to resist the dad puns sometimes.

“For this week only, help Jo perfect her engine-making craft and you’ll receive the event-exclusive Steam Bike vehicle and enter to fly in the Circus Malvanum Sky Race,” Cryptic posted. “Come back every day for the next week and seek out Sapphire above the Ren Center for a Sky Race daily quest and receive a race prize pack!”

The event will conclude on August 30th.


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Chris Johnson

After enjoying many years with this game, my time with it is over. Now way am I paying to unlock my characters. They should have just kept the subscriptions. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Bruno Brito

Not interested.

Tee Parsley

Last time I tried to fire up Champions Online, I was locked out of my main account. Tried to contact the link to support, and got a 404 error. Consistently. Perfect World for ya…..


Same here. I tried multiple times to get back into it, but apparantly my account dissappeared into the ether after the transition and I was never able to recover it.