Crowfall: New marketing boss, bestiary entry, player mapping, and the Mother of Cats


Crowfall has a bunch of smallish pieces of news this week that we don’t want to miss.

First, ArtCraft announced that it’s picked up a new VP of Marketing with experience on gobs of major titles, including the MMO genre’s seminal games. It’s maybe not that exciting a revelation to gamers, but it does signal that Crowfall is shifting gears into a new phase of development.

The team also released a new bestiary entry, this one on the aurochs – that’s the bullish-looking critter with sprays of blue hair and a skullface, seen in lots of of screenies from the game.

Then ArtCraft’s Dave Greco did a stream walking through his concept art for Illara the Traveler, Mother of Cats.

Finally, ArtCraft highlighted some work from a player, @zenjah, who’s mapped out Aerynth, the game’s current random test zone.

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Dave Greco is one of the best concept artists in the business. Love his stuff.