Rend moves to new server hardware, throws out a huge balance patch


Rend is enjoying some strong popularity since transitioning into early access at the end of July. To handle the influx of interested adventurers, Frostkeep Studios moved a whole host of North American and European servers over to new and better hardware earlier this week.

Since the studio also changed the saga restart timer from 72 hours to 24 hours, it manually reset seven of its servers to restart their sagas and get on this new timeframe. It is even granting bonus AP for any of the server ascensions that happened before Patch 2.1.

Patch what, now? The studio pushed out an update this past Tuesday with a huge number of balance changes and several bug fixes. As a result of all of this, talent and skill perk points were reset and will need to be reallocated. Frostkeep also used the patch as an opportunity to warn players that abusing the outcast system is a bannable offense, especially against “new or inexperienced” players.

Join the MOP Stream Team today at 2 p.m. EDT, when we’ll be diving back into the game live on OPTV.

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Game has some pretty mixed reviews on steam, leaning more towards the Negative side it seems.

Apparently the main win mechanic isn’t working out how initially thought, and is causing a ton of unfun game experiences.

I enjoyed what I played in Alpha, but guess I’m gonna skip on this one til a later time.

I just checked again, seems like they are more so on the positive side now. Will still probably hold out, but players seem to be noting that the devs are, at the very least, attentive to their playerbase so let’s hope the game gets more fleshed out (in a good way).


Wait just a tick. Sagas reset from a 72hr timer to a 24hr timer? That kinda sucks if true. The game is very grind heavy to start so having to have the servers reset every day just is bad for casual gamers. Maybe I misunderstand “saga”, which I hope….but, doesn’t seem that way.


It means that when a faction wins the accession war the server resets in 24 hours instead of 72 hours which is a good thing…