Age of Conan goes triple bonus on your tanned hide


While a typical summer vacation might involve hanging out at a beach and enjoying a tasty barbeque, in Age of Conan’s world that beach is littered with crushed skulls and that barbeque is… well, you probably don’t want to know. And you definitely do not want to eat it without a strong masking agent.

That doesn’t stop the denizens of Hyboria from celebrating, even so! The summer PvP event is now running in the fantasy MMO, bringing three weeks of hefty bonuses. This means triple AA, triple PvP tokens (if you’re subbed), double XP, and double PvP XP.

Funcom teased some sort of surprise that’s coming in the near future, so keep an eye out for that. And if you played on the Saga of Zath server and haven’t, for some reason, claimed your rewards, you’ll want to do so before the end of this event period.

Source: Age of Conan. Thanks, DDO Central!
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I’d give my left n….well I’d love to see an AoC2. I haven’t experienced a true Mature rated and adult oriented mmo since AoC. I spent 1k+ hours into Conan Exiles even though I’m not a big survival game fan, just because it was similar in that aspect.

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Funcom teased some sort of surprise that’s coming in the near future

AoC2 confirmed!