Pokemon Go: New Pokemon, quality-of-life additions, and gen 4 hints


Niantic’s Pokemon Go updates are still chugging along and providing fans with more than just new Pokemon. But new Pokemon are kind of the lifeblood of the series, so the addition of Regirock, the storyline line event continuation on August 20th (Celebi hype!), and evidence of other unique Pokemon being added are obviously welcome additions. We also now know that Gen 2 starter Pokemon are getting Community Day attention, starting with Chikarita on September 22nd. Fun stuff, but just the tip of the iceberg, especially for those of us enjoying the friend system.

The Silph Road’s recent APK Breakdown notes that the clientside changes are introducing things like QR Codes for friend sharing, additional parental controls via Niantic Kids, visual indications for which friends you can share gifts with, Go+ tweaks (like fixing the disappearing arrow bug), and more. There’s also evidence of Ditto quests finally being implemented, potential login changes, Meteor Smash (a signature move of Metagross), and the sharing of EX Raid passes. This last bit is in the data, but the details are still scant, so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, server-side data-miner Chrales found the first conclusive evidence that Generation 4 really is around the corner.


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Nice to see some PoGO articles (recently started playing after reading your summary on what’s been added and am having fun so far – thanks!).

Would love to get some Massively friends for mutual gifting, so if you’re reading this, please feel free to add me:
7979 8691 9668 (based in Sydney, Australia)