Worlds Adrift tests alliances on the new PTS, tackles update 27’s gear damage and PvE biomes


Worlds Adrift’s public test server officially went live last week, the game’s weekly newsletter proclaims. “Enjoy the broken mess is a QA build,” Bossa writes, complete with cheeky emoji. “We copied Capulca’s state of the world, however, the characters didn’t copy correctly from all servers (some EU ones did, none of the US). We are working on trying to get all characters’ schematics transferred soon. As anticipated, the social features duck in and out of working, but you can now log in, play around, meet folks you haven’t seen in a while and try to break EVERYTHING.”

Right now, players can scoot on over to that server to check out the alliance system and crew do-over. Meanwhile, work on update 27 continues, the studio says it’s addressing gear damage visualizations, tier 0 teleportation, remote configs for PvE and PvP biomes, the compass, guitars, chairs, cloth crafting, and questing. Critically, the devs have also started work on a “drunk screen space effect.” How did that not make launch?!

Finally, Bossa’s rolled out another edition of its new podcast.