It’s hammer time for Defiance 2050’s newest class

Stop, also collaborate and... oh, you know.

How’s Defiance 2050 doing after reaching that one millionth player last month? It’s still developing, we can tell you that! In fact, Trion Worlds is hot to promote the next class coming to the rebooted sci-fi MMO — one that is going to bring the hammer down in a big way.

Meet the Crusader: “[This class] is a formidable bruiser class that comes well-equipped with a mighty hammer they can summon to engage in epic melee battles! Level up unique skills and activate abilities to leap right into the action or pull in enemies toward you with full force.”

The Crusader can be purchased as part of an “ultimate class pack” that is retailing for $50. That pack also includes this winter’s upcoming Engineer class and the other classes already released for the MMO. Defiance 2050 pushed out the Demolitionist class earlier this month.

Source: Defiance

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Digital SanBR

Again with the “one million player” factoid? Even Trion World’s own site recognizes the game had 1 million downloads. SteamCharts, right now, show less than 420 players in the last 24h. This number has been dropping since launch (2,301 players). Granted, that’s not the entire population of the game, but come on, it’s not a great number, either.

I love Defiance, it’s a great game, but Trion dropped the ball hard with this port. The worst part is that it alienated its previous playerbase by not granting several items that were promised by Trion itself. Those were the players that would stick by the game and put out fires with new players:

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Hoping the Great Schlag puts up a MC Hammer-themed pic. :P