RuneScape readies a double XP weekend while Old School RuneScape runs final iOS test


Better limber up your mouse clicking finger, because you’re going to need it next week when RuneScape triggers a double XP weekend to pull in the crowds. These players will be able to check out some of the tweaks and changes that came with the MMO’s most recent patch, including a fix to the Thieving Skill Cape.

Over at Old School RuneScape, Jagex is preparing for the final test of the mobile edition of the game on iOS. This test will take place on August 30th with a maximum of 10,000 players.

The OSRS team also announced some changes to the Duel Arena: “Players can no longer stake items; meaning only Coins and Platinum tokens can be used. Each duelists stake must be within 10,000 Coins of each other in value. Winnings (the combined total of both players’ stakes) will also be taxed by a percentage depending on the size of the stake.”


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