Gamescom 2018: The Crew 2 shows off hovercraft fun

Cushions of air.

Ever since he was a young lad, Trab Gunderson has had only one dream: Racing hovercrafts around. Sadly, at age 14 he was diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome, which he took to be a misdiagnosis that meant he could no longer race hovercrafts. The dream was over. At least, it was over until The Crew 2 brought hovercrafts in with its Gator Rush update, which means that Trab can get some of that fun in by driving these craft hither and yon.

Yes, it’s one of the few vehicle types not previously available, but players will be able to enjoy all of the drifting, air-cushioned, eel-filled fun they could ask for with the Gator Rush addition to the game. You can check out cinematic footage as well as actual gameplay just below. So go race some hovercrafts around. Do it for Trab.

Source: YouTube

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Actually a Hovercraft was available as a high end reward for finishing one of the race grouping series. They didn’t have any specific races for it or anything, but it was there.

If they’re adding in a whole series, I sort of hope they boost the special reward ones performance or something, as it’s no longer so special if everybody can just get them to use :D I mean I guess it really wasn’t that hard or long to earn it so no biggie either way.

And overall I shouldn’t think anything negative about it, more events and races are always cool. Maybe they’ll eventually add in Helicopter events too since they also have a special Helicopter reward. The code for the Helicopter vehicle is already there, sort of like the Hovercraft was, so that sounds like something that they could easily add in events for.