Gamescom 2018: Crowfall offers starter pack sale, talks Pre-Alpha 5.8


The team from ArtCraft is busy drumming up excitement over Crowfall at Gamescom this week. In addition to handing out t-shirts like there’s no tomorrow, the studio is also throwing a sale for the Patron starter pack. Not only does this get you a copy of the game for $40, but it also permits instant access to the pre-alpha test right the heck now.

And speaking of testing, ArtCraft pushed out the August developer Q&A video that largely discusses the features coming with Pre-Alpha 5.8.

Some of the topics up for discussion this month include campaign win conditions, crafting improvements, tooltip adjustments, weapon weight, and an expanded alchemy video. The team also announced that it will be tightening up its video format to 30 minutes starting with the September episode “to focus on the most important topics and to create better summaries of the stream.”

Source: Crowfall
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Ryan Allgood

ArtCraft should give you a commission. Haha. Finally pulled the trigger on this and bought it, probably would have missed the sale without you guys.

Time to play a Guinecian named after my actual Guinea Pig!