More on Bless Unleashed for Xbox One: Release date, key differences, and impact on Bless Online PC


Earlier today, we covered the announcement of Bless Unleashed, a collaboration between Neowiz and Bandai Namco that will see a version of Bless on Xbox One. The press blurb said the game is built with “hardcore MMO gamers in mind” and both PvE and PvP, but the studio told MOP that it’s not a direct port; instead, it’s a “whole new game, built from the ground up in Unreal 4” for console – which means a “new story, new combat, new content” and so forth.

Confusion set in across the community; after all, Bless Online for PC already has considerable issues it’s still working through in early access beta. Consequently, Neowiz has this afternoon penned an FAQ to try to mop up the befuddlement. For starters, the studio promises the console version won’t take focus away from PC, as they’re being built by two different dev teams. Moreover, Neowiz is also not handling publishing for the console version – that’s what Bandai Namco is for. The devs also stress that this console edition is a separate game and will launch in 2019.

“Every aspect, from the story to the combat, to the skill progression has been carefully crafted to portray a new console MMORPG experience. Bless Online and Bless Unleashed are completely different games, sharing a similar art style and existing in the same game world. More details on Bless Unleashed will be revealed in the coming weeks. […] Ultimately, we want the Bless IP to thrive in as many places for as many players as possible. Hence, we decided to make a new game for Xbox One owners. It retains the world and style of Bless Online, but is a completely new experience with console players in mind.”

Also worth pointing out? Neowiz says it’ll “have news for you on the launch of Bless Online on Steam in the coming weeks as well.” It’s still expected later in 2018.

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steel hunt

please make a bless mobile after this!

Mr Poolaty

I’ve never paid much attention to Bless Online since it was pc onry but hardcore sound good!!


That B and L are starting to look more and more like an M.

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François Verret

Different dev team and publisher? This one has a chance of actually being okay!


A great rapper once said “I don’t die, I multiply.”

That rapper grew up to become BLESS Online.

Brother Maynard

This is so cool – this time next year, Neowiz will finally be able to launch its own store front and games library / launcher. I can’t wait!

We are all Blessed.png

Why not just make a real mmorpg then to team up with a Korean company that has no idea of how to make a mmo for our region. This will be yet again a total fail from the same crap Neowiz scum that has dumped this game in every regions lap and failed. Xbox players will be the next crying about f2p kmmopvp cash shop games with nothing to do but kill endless mindless mobs and ultra rng crafting with fake percentages

Kickstarter Donor

“Same art style” probably because they are just going to be re-using art assets … Suckers who paid into the steam version funded this rebuild (that is inevitably going to end up back on PC that players will have to re-buy after the steam version gets shut down) and Bandai only picked this up because they want to try to steal the thunder from BDO’s console launch.

But who know: maybe this version actually will be the fix that gets it right (but nit fuckin’ likely with the same management running the show).