Villagers and Heroes: Wrath of the Black Thrush strikes next month


For those always seeking quality MMORPGs that seem to fly under the radar of public interest, may we present to you Villagers and Heroes? This cross-platform fantasy title has an array of features that would make most modern games blush — and it has a new expansion heading our way next month.

Villagers and Heroes is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a truly exhilarating new expansion!” the studio announced. “Wondrous new zones full of mystery and beauty, rousing story-driven quests which twist and turn and are not for the faint of heart, an abundance of sleek new mobile features and improvements, and the introduction of a whole new gameplay mechanic are but a few of the exciting new elements which await in, Wrath of the Black Thrush!”

Wrath of the Black Thrush is a story-driven update with plenty of new quests and dungeons to overcome between levels 25 and 35. It includes some overhauled zones, new voice acting, major UI improvements, the addition of the Zorian Marshlands, and repeatable dungeon quests. It’s arriving on September 24th for both PC and mobile.

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I tried it, but the game’s graphical style didn’t work for me personally. A pity, since the rest seemed interesting, but I couldn’t get into the look of it, alas.


It’s the closes thing to a WoW clone, and it’s really nice IMO, but I don’t find it as engaging as WoW or as smooth.

Christopher Pierce

This game is surprisingly quite fun! I play this occasionally on my phone, so I will definitely be checking this out.

Castagere Shaikura

Great guys behind this game. I wish it would get more coverage. I just find the lvling so slow though. I wish they would do something about it.


I’ll try it out — this development team always has new content for this game and they’ve always seemed to have a deep rooted passion for making it better.