World of Warcraft will not be changing level scaling or leveling any time soon

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So, remember the issues players are noticing with item scaling in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? Specifically, you kill things faster by not wearing some gear? Yeah, according to the latest Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas that’s totally fine and there’s no need to change that. In fact, Hazzikostas seems quite happy with the leveling curve as it currently exists, with no plans to change the emptiness of levels or to address the problems some have noted in PvP with characters at 110 being more powerful than level 120 (although the latest hotfix does reduce the class scaling benefits for PvP by an undisclosed amount).

Hazzikostas also confirmed that more features will be coming to Communities, as the developers supposedly went to launch with a very light feature set and planned to iterate on it based on community feedback. You can check out the full summary on Wowhead if you missed the live event, but don’t get your hopes up about some of those maligned issues being turned around swiftly if at all.

Source: Wowhead
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