Anthem’s beta is admittedly a demo, according to BioWare

Remember when this was what we were taking about?

The use of the term “beta” has morphed a lot over the years, moving from its original definition as a test phase to being what amounts to a demo of an otherwise finished game. So it’s actually kind of a good thing that Anthem’s game director Jonathan Warner outright said during Gamescom that the title’s beta is basically going to be a demo. No, you’re not providing valuable top-level feedback that late in the process. You can debate the merits of the approach, but it seems like something refreshing to hear, at least.

Warner was also asked about the split between Anthem in multiplayer or solo mode, with a note that while the experience solo should not be lesser, it wouldn’t necessarily be the full experience. There’s no content you couldn’t explore, but it seems multiplayer is the preferred experience. You can see how that holds up when you get a chance to play the beta-meaning-demo for yourself.

Source: VG24/7 (1, 2)
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Good. Let’s not beat around the bush and claim that open betas are anything other than a demo for a game. Which is inherently a good thing too – more games should offer free trials.

Danny Smith

Every person that plays videogames from ten years to today at the idea of betas being a demo: Yeah, no shit.

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Alex Willis

I came here with a NOPE.gif all ready to go and am relieved to read about the demo news. This is much, much better.


After Mass Effect: Andromeda BioWare could use an actual, dyed-in-the-wool beta. That game was a DISASTER at launch because of bugs. IDK why I keep getting excited about BioWare stuff. It’s not the same company it was 10 years ago with the doctors.

It’s been 10 years since they left and their games have not been the same quality. Some have been ok to good, but nothing has been the quality of the stuff they used to put out and likely never will be again.

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That’s the kind of honesty I can get behind. If your “beta” is weeks before launch, it’s a marketing beta/demo. Sure, they can glean some useful information from metrics, but it’s not going to really have any big impacts.

Now to wait for the demo and hope it’s good.