Gamescom 2018: World of Warcraft dives into Azshara’s backstory and hosts a concert

Going under.

It turns out that Blizzard was saving something special for Gamescom 2018 after all. At the show, the World of Warcraft studio unveiled the third and final video for its Battle for Azeroth “Warbringers” series, this time focusing on the terrifying character of Azshara — and the deal that she made with the old gods. But of course, this expansion has everything to do with factional conflict and nothing to do with the old gods, so just put that out of your pretty little head.

The studio also sponsored a Video Games Live concert at Gamescom to sponsor the music from its various games, including Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. And yes, that haunting “Daughter of the Sea” ballad that’s become a quick favorite of Battle for Azeroth made an appearance during the show.

Speaking of Battle for Azeroth, Polygon has an amusing piece up that examines how the expansion continues with Blizzard’s bizarre streak of poop-related quests. “It turns out you can shine a turd,” the author writes. “Here are the five times Blizzard has done it best.”

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DargorV .

Average short, was weaker than the previous 2 warbringers. Also as an introduction to the final old god it was pretty weak…


For those curious about the live version of ‘Daughter of the Sea’ it starts right about the spot below. Only the music is live though, vocals are the same pre-recorded from the short.

Danny Smith

“nobody summons megatron!”

“then it pleases me to be the first”

Just missing orson welles as N’zoth.

Bruno Brito

People are saying this short was good, i really don’t see it. It was really a bunch of one liners thrown together, and Azshara being in fear and weak on one point to quickly becoming queenish and prideful in another. Any other Warbringer was better, and the Harbingers series too.

After Gul’dan, this just seems weak. Also, it’s funny how weak her interaction with N’zoth was, considering that when you met Yogg’Saron, he pretty much kept enticing you to insanity. I expected better dialogue.

I don’t get it. She is regretful? She isn’t regretful? She felt bad for sacrificing her people? She didn’t felt bad? I’ll be honest, i don’t think we should relate to every villain. I don’t want to relate to Azshara. I just want her to be a queen bitch badass. I think Blizzard is trying their hands too much on the “grey area” stuff, and they’re failing, because it’s not feeling natural. They either end up going too far ( Sylvanas ) or they end up balancing too much and the character becomes a convo of weird, out of character decisions and thoughts ( Thrall and now this. )

The quality of the short is good tho. While i’m really not digging the latest dialogues within Blizzard, the visual art is top notch.


She never felt bad for sacrificing her people. It was never about them. It was about her retaining her power, and it’s clear in the short that it’s all she cares about. The only reason why “people” are even a factor, is because you can’t be a ruler without people to rule over.

She was evil from the get go, she remained evil and selfish, and i think you pretty much got what you’re asking for :)

Bruno Brito

That i kinda got it, i just think this short didn’t do a good job of keeping her consistent. Also, the dialogue between her and N’zoth, i found quite weak.

It’s pretty much the only short in this style that i didn’t like it. The Sylvanas one was good, it was just Sylvanas characterization as a whole that felt bad to me. Gul’dan was the best, Khadgar was great, and Jaina was really good too. This one felt really weak.


…soooo folks, that’s how the Naga got their tails! /de-geso O.o


That was a pretty great short. Very spooky. Also gave more insight-ish into N’Zoth.

Definitely no Old Gods to see though, nope. This is totally not an Old Gods expansion.

Matthäus Wey

I’m quite shocked that they didn’t teaser 8.1 at Gamescom like they did with Legion.
The short was great and I’m a little sad that is over now.


Very well done short, managing to make such a downright villainous character someone you can relate to was a surprise after the failure with sylvanas. Here’s hoping the actual ingame representation does not fall short, reverting her into just a mindless minion of the old gods to be easily swept aside before the main course

And just stop teasing already… I thought I got over it after vash’jir, put it past me… I really want to be a naga battlemaiden again *sob*


Ya know, I can’t help but feel as though they missed a big chance to do something with the burning of Teldrassil utilizing Azshara. Seriously… I may not of kept up with the game content-wise, but the last major thing I can recall the Naga doing anything was in the water-only zone in Cataclysm where some poor water man got kidnapped and never seen again, and maybe a few things afterwards. Other than that…?

Nada. Last MAJOR fight including them was a mid-tier raid back in Burning Crusade.

Having Sylvanas burn the World Tree was predictable, but people wanted to think better because yes she is cruel and heartless, but scorching a tree that both sides rely upon due to the blessings it holds was bad. She could of lorded over it, used it as a deterrent if the Alliance made any moves. Hell, she could of rigged the place up to the nines with Blight Bombs like she so happily did with Undercity. Same effect too.

But Azshara? Hell, even if Sylvanas chose to burn the tree down, I love the idea of the Naga ambushing her and torching the tree themselves. They have little need for the tree or its blessings, as Former Night Elves they’d have every reason to crush the heart of the current crop. And considering Teldrassil is on an island, they’d have every single opening available to strike.

And heck, they could of just as easily killed Malfurion if we sneak them into the earlier part and shift the timing around while still having the Horde appearing to be responsible. Sylvanas would still of been willing to act on the tree, only she was late on the tree burning. The sides would still be opposing each other heavily. And hey, we wouldn’t relegate a major player in the lore as the boss of one raid, and instead set her up as something more. Though we shouldn’t likely say boss of one raid, because I’m willing to bet we’ll assume we kill her, go on, then likely end of this expansion or as part of the next confront her Old God benefactor who decides to make us fight her (again).

Daniel Reasor

If memory serves, the coast of Borean Tundra was supposed to be a major outpost for the Naga, according to some of the pen and paper RPG supplements that were released way back in the day, but by the time Blizzard were working on Wrath of the Lich King they figured that players would be sick of Naga after Burning Crusade. Supposedly this was the reason why the Kvaldir were invented, so that there would be someone who could have plausibly chased the Naga out of their temples in Northrend.


Yeah, I remember hearing bits of that myself around Lich King. Sucks since that isn’t the first time Blizzard has canned something attributed to the Naga for content. There was the uncovered Abyssal Maw instance people found that was going to serve either as a dungeon or raid (it shifts around), where we’d of seen or helped Neptulon escape.

And the reason they canned it was partly due to people being sick of ‘underwater’ stuff. So who knows…! We haven’t had any Naga content canned in a while, maybe they’ll cancel Azshara’s raid fight because Blizzard figures we’re tired of kicking her particular can around too much?

David Blair

Could’ve had that “Drowned World Tree” dungeon…

Sally Bowls

some poor water man got kidnapped and never seen again,

Actually, he works for my Shaman. (i.e. follower)

Last year, when they announced Ashara was going to be a boss, I *think* they said she was going to be Guldan (boss of second not final raid) which would make me expect to fight her again in 9.x not this expac.