Happy sixth birthday, Guild Wars 2 – so what did they get us??

Got any day-one Guild Wars 2 toons? Log them in and pick up your six-year birthday presents starting today. It’s all part of ArenaNet’s anniversary celebrations!

The bundle my six-year-old character opened this morning includes a level 60 experience scroll, a pair of birthday boosters, five teleports to friend, a triumphant dye kit (this is goooooood), 5000 karma, and two black lion statuettes. As we’ve previously covered, the statuettes can be combined with those from past celebratory events and perks to buy all kinds of stuff on the special items vendor, from minipets and PvP finishers to skins and nodes. Mostly, these things will sit in a pile in your bank as your characters ding up through the years because two won’t get you anything worthwhile.

Then, every account with a character turning six is getting a pile of good stuff, including a freebie wardrobe unlock, an anniversary backpack (same picks as the last couple of years), two anniversary weapon unlocks (same skins as last year, you just get two more), and – this is the good stuff – an anniversary armor pack. You’ll get to choose a heavy, medium, or light “Luminous” armor set. Buttcape and all, the sets are super pretty, especially the heavy armor set. I might be biased since I main a Warrior! Definitely check out the whole gallery over on Dulfy.

ArenaNet has a big anniversary stream planned for later next week, so stay tuned.

Source: Reddit
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