Legends of Aria tests realm capacity with a large-scale invasion event on Saturday

Everyone comes to our house.

How many players can a single realm of Legends of Aria support? There are lots of ways to find out, but there’s only one way to find out that involves a fun invasion for players to fight against, so you can understand why the developers are going with that option. On Saturday, August 25th, the main server is going offline at 3:30 p.m. EDT. Don’t worry, it’ll be back up at 4:00 p.m. EDT… but players will be confined to the Southern Hills region.

You can bet that there’s something going on then, and you’d be right, because the city of Valus will be besieged by every malicious race on the face of the game’s planet. Lizardmen? Yes. Goblins? Uh-huh. Robots with single red eyes and foul intent? Not actually a thing in the game, but if they were, they’d be there. Successfully pushing back the waves leads to a special raid zone with big potential rewards for players, and all participants get a lizardman hat and 400 loyalty points. So if you’re into the idea, hop in on Saturday to check it out yourself.


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Do they even have a big enough following to test sever caps or their server caps are 200 players? I tried the game when they gave 1 week free keys and it felt really unfinished, like early alpha. It tries to have nice graphics, yet your camera is locked so you can’t see the sky. The graphics try to look nice, but they end up being ugly, resource-heavy and unoptimized. I can’t comment much about the gameplay, because I stopped playing at the ugly and optimized graphics 5 minutes after I entered the game.

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Do they even have a big enough following to test sever caps or their server caps are 200 players?

Had over 400 in just one area during the last stress test. Don’t think there were any issues.


Since it wasn’t clarified by the devs, this seems to be a closed beta only event. I’m not sure how well a closed beta will function as a stress test given the flood of players that comes with any new multiplayer game. It also appears that there may no longer be an open beta between now and release.

Edit: Granted, they seem to be containing the population of willing participants to one city, so it may prove to be enough.