Mortal Online sandbox MMO devs try battle royale with Mortal Royale


Trove, Skyforge, and now Mortal Online – it’s a weird batch of MMORPGs whose devs are getting into the battle royale scene, but there it is: Star Vault is having a go at a free-to-play battle royale title “on a massive scale,” complete with mounted combat and “ancestry character customization.” The new game’s called Mortal Royale.

Mortal Royale is a battle royale game on a massive scale in a fantasy setting. Up to 1000 players are thrown into a massive world in the eye of a deadly chaotic storm that is slowly closing in on them. Find and tame mounts to give you not only speed but a powerful advantage on the battlefield. Scavenge the lands for armor, weapons, bows and powerful magic to execute the unworthy and stand as the final surviving champion when the storms finally settles.”

Alpha signups are currently live on the new game’s official site. As MMO Fallout noted, Star Vault says the BR team is different from the Mortal Online sandbox team, but it’s not super clear that the devs weren’t just pulled from the other team.


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I really don’t see what so many people enjoy about battle royale, all that work and it ends. Definitely prefer something with progression.


It’s the most boring and idiotic game type I’ve seen in a long, long time. Even playing a mobile P2W game city builder game is more interesting than battle royale.

Robert Mann

Well, chase that big money and lose your investment. Have fun! *Skips off to hopefully happier topics.*