Gamescom 2018: Torchlight Frontiers’ demo sparks interested queries


The team at Echtra Games certainly has its hands full with showing off Torchlight Frontiers at Gamescom and fielding countless questions from fans and the media. There have been so many topics broached, in fact, that the team has written down a list of them to serve as fodder for future blog posts. Our favorite? “How are you going to not-suck at monetization?”

Echtra did share a few tidbits from the show floor, including a promise to stream from the office, news of an upgrade fort (player housing) edit mode, the addition of consumable potions in-game, and class portraits for the Dusk Mage and the Forged.

Next up for the team is a showing at PAX West next week, so expect to hear a lot more about this upcoming MMO between the two events. Some lucky ducks got to play the game in person at Gamescom this week, and fortunately at least one of these intelligent mallards had the foresight to record the fun. Check it out below!

Source: Reddit
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