Bless Online is going to add random dungeons and a wave defense mode

Remember, you were the ones who couldn't wait for this game.

Are you sticking it out with Bless Online in the hopes that Neowiz is going to turn this game into a solid product? Then you have a treat coming in a week or so, as a September 5th update promises to push out a new wave defense mode, the ability to queue for random dungeons and get extra loot, and improvements for chain combos.

“Random Dungeon allows level 45 players, once per day, to queue into a random dungeon for the opportunity to gain additional loot,” explained Neowiz. “Once the instance’s final boss has been defeated, you will earn additional loot as well as the regular dungeon rewards you are accustomed to. You can participate in this content by selecting Random Dungeon within the Dungeon window.”

Bless is opening back up its player emissary application process and is working on preparing the game for a “full release later this year.” Neowiz is also hard at work on a different version of the game for the Xbox One which will launch sometime in 2019.

Source: Steam. Thanks Kinya!

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Daniel Miller

Queue: Laugh, There dungeon finder itself doesnt work. LOL


Cash Grab, be sure to check out their next release, they say the 5th time is the charm right?

Petrescu Silviu

This “game” needs to be removed from Steam as it is a big scam. The developers took the money they were supposed to use for making the NA/EU version and made another game they want to sell next year called “Bless Unleashed”
The current game is in a horrible state, worse than the version launched 1 year ago in KR.


what’s even sad is that the version that launched a year ago hasn’t had a update for a entire year :D

so the koreans were shocked when they saw that bless unleashed trailer :/