Dark and Light’s free DLC, Shard of Faith, is still slated for this summer


It’s been a hot minute since we checked in with Dark and Light, the Snail Games MMO that’s still technically in early access. It has DLC on the way. But it’s free DLC. But only if you bought the game already. So basically it’s a patch. But it’s got its own Steam page. It’s complicated, in other words.

Ahead of the weekend, Snail posted a trailer for the update – it’s called Shard of Faith – and the Steam page has a bit of a teaser.

“Shard of Faith provides a entirely new map: Garaneth’s Shard. With the cross scene and cross plane feature, it expands and supplements the larger universe of Dark and Light. New races are brought in. As adventurers build up a relationship with these races, they will be able to model after the esteemed heroes amongst these races, and use their heroes’ abilities. A new magical taming system allows adventurers to tame and summon creatures with magical circle. Improvement on the core system, including Quest system, Knowledge system, as well as optimization and adjustment to character death drop. A more accessible system construct for Mod design and development.”

Want more info? Snail’s community team posted a Q&A last week with some previews of the bosses and systems on the way. Enjoy them both!

Source: Steam
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They better hurry it up, there isn’t much summer left…


Technically, summer in the Northern Hemisphere goes until September 20. And “this summer” could also mean summer in the Southern hemisphere, which doesn’t start until December. So, technically speaking, they have plenty of time.